Grade 8

Welcome to School Year 2014-2015!

IMPORTANT:  I have a new website for this year. Click on the following link to proceed:  Mr. Pasamba’s Grade 8 Science   We hope you are refreshed after a relaxing holiday break and are looking forward to an exciting and busy year ahead.   Grade 8  Science explores the following themes:  Systems, Transformation, Power, and Connections. The course, based on these themes […]

Week of August 18-20,2014

IMPORTANT:  For more details, check the new website for this year. Click on the following link to proceed:  Mr. Pasamba’s Grade 8 Science

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  1. Ricardo Alvarez says:

    Hello Mr.Pasamba, I just wanted to say that the science news that have been posted in this blog has been pretty interesting. I think it’ll be a good a idea to post more

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